About Us


About Us

our mission

Our mission is to ensure that students are provided the necessary skills in order to function efficiently and reach their maximum potential.

Our Goals Are

  • To provide affordable, convenient, dependable services in an ethical fashion.
  • To create a setting for social, cognitive, and physical development
  • To create awareness on learning disabilities.
  • To provide a nurturing environment
  • To provide valuable learning experiences for our students

We train parents as well as educators to help their children and students be effective and independent learners.

We collaborate with professionals to help students, teachers and parents achieve growth and progress throughout their lives .

Our Team

Minaz S. Ajani


Minaz Ajani is an International Brain Gym ® Instructor and Consultant. She takes several Brain Gym ® courses : Brain Gym ® 101, Dominance factor, Double Doodle Play, Hooking up from Head to Toe- Braingym for young ones, Switched on Learning . She is a counsellor, Remedial teacher , F.I.E. /Audiblox and Handwriting without Tears Specialist with 14 years of overall experience.She conducts Educational Assessments as well as workshops for training parents ,teachers and students. She has developed bthe social skills curriculum for Kangaroo kids for Grades 1-12.

Aysel S. Engineer


Aysel S. Engineer is a Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor and Remedial Educator with 15 years of experience in remediation of children across various difficulties, and has been part of an inclusive set up for ten years. She is an English Language expert with a vast experience of using Sound in Syllables methodology in her teaching. Her expertise also extends to working with children from the Autism Spectrum Disorder on an individual basis; and she is able to communicate with hearing impaired individuals using the Indian Sign Language. She is also a Hanen Early Communication Professional and is currently handling assessments at LTMG Hospital (Sion) on a bi-weekly basis.

Together Aysel and her partner Minaz, have 25 years of combined experience and have started 'Leap Ahead Assessment and Learning Centre' which caters to a population requiring services in the field of Special Education and support. They have on their panel, a team of experts in related fields. Along with direct intervention, Aysel is also involved with training professionals and conducting awareness workshops for teachers, parents and other care givers working in the field.